How Inclusive Is Your Workplace?

How Inclusive Is Your Workplace?

It’s the last day of National Inclusion Week, and we’re making sure it goes out with a bang! That’s why we’ve created a challenge to help you test the Diversity + Inclusion of your workplace for the rest of 2020! The following questions will help you answer the question, ‘How inclusive is my workplace?’

Before we get to the questions, though, let’s explain. National Inclusion Week is a great time to celebrate inclusion and encourage D+I in our workplaces. However, inclusion needs to be happening all year round if you really want to support your diverse talent. These questions will help you continue to question the inclusivity of your workplace for the rest of 2020. So on with the challenge!

October 5th –18th

First up, how racially diverse is your company?

Take these weeks to look around your workplace. How many people look like you? How much variety do you see? If there isn’t much, ask yourself why this is. Is this the case only in your office or in your entire field?

Are you able to find out the number of white and non-white staff at your company? What does this tell you about the company’s racial diversity as a whole? Are non-white staff usually in certain roles or pay ranges?

October 19th – November 1st

Next, how does your workplace support trans staff?

You may or may not know of any transgender colleagues in your workplace, but there should be a support system in place regardless. Put yourself in the shoes of a trans staff member who wants to come out. Would you know where to turn?

Are trans issues ever discussed at work? During these two weeks, try opening up a discussion about pronouns. Are people generally supportive of trans issues?

November 2nd – 15th

Thirdly, does banter ever go too far in your workplace?

Banter is a natural part of working together, and bouts of banter can even increase productivity by keeping a team’s spirits high. However, some banter is distracting from work and even hurtful.

Have you ever felt hurt by someone’s work banter? Has anyone ever made fun of a colleague’s physical appearance or personality? Did they seem upset? Might they have hidden it?

What is the procedure for reporting bullying? If you think banter might be an issue in your workplace, take a look at our workshop, It’s Just Banter.

November 16th – 29th

Next up, do you have an LGBT+ group at work?

Having groups for minority groups, such as those who are part of the LGBT+ community, can help staff feel supported. Does your workplace have an LGBT+ group? If not, why? Are there other supportive measures in place?

Are staff able to set up support groups? Is this an easy and accessible process? Ask LGBT+ staff how they feel about the group if there is one or if they would like one if there isn’t.

November 30th – December 13th

Fifth, how socially concious are staff?

Does your workplace run information sessions to keep staff up to date on Diversity + Inclusion? How knowledgeable is the average employee about race? Do they know about different disabilities and how they can be a supportive co-worker to disabled colleagues?

While it is essential for HR and management to be socially conscious, your entire workforce should also be knowledgeable in order to create a supportive environment.

December 14th – 27th

Finally, what reasonable adjustments are made for neurodiverse staff?

In the final weeks of 2020, ask yourself if you have any neurodiverse colleagues. Are they treated differently? Are they given the extra support they need? Do they feel under- or over-supported?

Is everybody aware of their reasonable adjustments? If not, how well are they really being met? Is their work environment volume- and temperature-controlled?

Are you up for the challenge?

If you make it through the challenge, this exercise will get you into the habit of questioning how truly inclusive your workplace is and thinking of ways that it could be improved.

Has this challenge inspired you to improve your company’s D+I? Check out our workshops or consider our bespoke Diversity + Inclusion consultancy.

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