Your D+I

Designed to provide your business with a better understanding of your current Diversity + Inclusion practices or to support you if you are just at the beginning We provide a full report of findings action plan that will ensure inclusion will be at the heart of your business. We will ensure that the audit works with and around your day to day. We will provide a comprehensive pack of the information we will require as well as a list of people in the business to speak with that will help best guide us on creating an inclusive strategy and objects for you to use.

How Do Our Audits Work?

During your audit, we work with you to assess your efficiency in a number of areas. Diversity recruitment initiatives are the easy part. Ensuring you are inclusive for everyone and that everyone has equity and belonging is where we need to focus. We start as with any business to look at how inclusive your company is. These include an analysis of how diversity and inclusion is embedded into your company culture. We’ll also look at your company policies and procedures related to diversity and inclusion from recruitment to internal communications. Throughout the process, we will score your current efforts to detect which areas need improvement.  At the end of the assessment we will provide you with a full D+I report with recommendations on how to make inclusion the heart of everything you do! The data found in the report will allow us to support you in creating clear diversity and inclusion strategy and objectives which will include future learning objectives, inclusive policies, employee resources groups much, much more!

Your D+I Audits Includes:

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Did you know?

We offer an affordable SME Starter Kit for businesses that want to improve their diversity and inclusion but have a limited budget. Click below to learn more now!

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