Meet the Your D+I Team

Learn about the people behind Your D+I

Meet the team of diversity and inclusion experts and enthusiasts behind the scenes at Your D+I

You can read all about the passionate members of the Your D+I team and their roles in the company below. If you have any questions about what we do and would like to get in touch, just click below!

Meet the Your D+I Team

Chris Allan

Founder & Director | he/him

Chris is a D+I practitioner with a qualification in ‘Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’. He is wholeheartedly committed to awareness, education and equal representation. Inspired by his own experience with workplace discrimination, he is on a life-long mission to create equal opportunities for all.

Chris started Your D+I to support businesses to instil authentic diversity and inclusion into their organisation and to provide a platform where everyone is seen, valued, and supported on an equal playing field.

If you’d like to learn more about Chris and his story, including his first-hand experience of workplace discrimination, check out his recent interview on the Diversitea podcast.

Meet the Your D+I Team Chris
Meet the Your D+I Team Aimeé

Aimée Massey

D+I Consultant | she/her

Aimée Massey is a creative strategy and Diversity and Inclusion Consultant based in London. Aimée has worked on campaigns for Snapchat, Adidas, Selfridges and many more, managing over 500 events globally – from Tokyo to Paris to New York.

She also specialises in diversity and inclusion, consulting for clients on their strategies and goals, as well as being a public speaker, having previously spoken for Christie’s, Bright Network, Expert Webinar, Code First Girls and more. Aimée also hosts interviews with a number of high-profile influencers and speakers, including Vanessa Kingori from VOGUE, Niomi Smart, Lorna Luxe, Zanna van Dijk, Alice Liveing and Emma Gannon. Aimée is committed to supporting and working with businesses in reducing the gender/race pay gap.

If you'd like to learn more about our collaborations, check out the Friends Of Ours page!
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