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Hey I'm Chris! Welcome to Your D+I

I’m Chris, Founder and Director of Your D+I. 14 years ago I was fired for being gay. This had a serious impact on my life and career to the point where I felt that I could never bring my true authentic self to work. Unbelievable right?


Unfortunately, this still happens today with groups and demographics being discriminated against for just being themselves. At your D+I we are here to do D+I Differently. We are here to speak the way that your teams want to be spoken to and will understand.


At Your D+I we are not one for corporate bull sh*t, finger pointing or assigning blame. We are here to educate, support, and help have those uncomfortable conversations.  


We support you to instill authentic diversity and inclusion into your organisations and to provide a platform where everyone is seen, valued, and supported on an equal playing field.

What We Do


Interactive workshops covering a range of diversity and inclusion training topics including Unconscious Bias, LGBT+, Disability, Diverse Recruitment, Inclusive Language and Banter and Allyship. These workshops can be delivered online, in person or on-demand.


A complete review of your organisation, taking a look at your people, marketing, recruitment, policies, training, salary and rewards. Our audits take a deep dive into the makeup of your organisation and provide actionable insights for improvement.


No organisation is the same. If you’re in need of support with a particular diversity and inclusion topic or looking to implement change but not really sure where to start, we’re here to help! No matter what stage of your journey you’re at, get in touch and we can discuss over a cup of tea.

What our lovely clients say

"Chris has the warmth and genuine enthusiasm and care that made our D+I training informative and enjoyable, the feedback from the team was extremely positive. I am so happy we found Chris amongst a sea of dull D+I companies, and look forward to working together going forward!"
Danielle Lehtonen-Riley
Operations and Marketing Manager, The Great Frog
"We love working with Your D+I, their detailed knowledge about the DE&I topics is something that opened our eyes and helped us start on our own DE&I journey. They helped us audit our Recruitment and Hiring processes, made recommendations for our online presence to make it more accessible and inclusive and brought new perspectives to the team with their educational workshops."
Monika Szabova
Impact Manager, Arc Hospitality
"Your guidance and support has been quite the game-changer. We're now getting imagery that is authentic and greater diversity - a work in progress and incorporating the suggestions into the Hub delivery and for my part, in our curriculum delivery and we feel we've got something much more tangible thanks to you."
Pippa Waller
Careers and Employability, University of Plymouth

Making Inclusion the heart of everything we do.

Our workshops, audits and consultancy support help you to create truly inclusive workplaces by educating your people on diversity, equality, equity and inclusion. We help you shape your operations so that equality and inclusion is at the heart of your agenda.


How Inclusive Is Your Business?

Without knowing your business’ position on where you are with diversity and inclusion, it can be hard to choose what steps to take next and what D+I services you need.


That’s why we provide a free of charge consultation to understand your business and goals. This allows us to understand the current levels of both diversity and inclusion in your workplace, and put together an action plan to help you kick-start your journey! 


Diverse organisations perform better, have increased financial returns and are proven to be more innovative?

Reading is Fundamental

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What People Are Saying


Diversitea Podcast

Listen in as we spill the tea on a range of diversity and inclusion topics featuring lived experiences from real people.  

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