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About This LGBT+ Download

To fully support your LGBT+ staff, it is important to first clear up any harmful misinformation and fallacies. However, learning LGBT+ terminology and understanding the nuances of the LGBT+ community can be tricky for some.

Myth Busting: LGBT+ is a Your D+I blog series that takes LGBT+ topics and not only defines them but tackles the common myths that surround them. If you want to see your LGBT+ staff as more than a collection of stereotypes, this helpful guide is for you.

This download includes all of the Myth Busting: LGBT+ blogs posted so far – all in one convenient place! They are:

Why Do We Provide Free Resources?

We want to spread diversity and inclusion as widely as we can and make it as accessible as possible. Take a look at our key beliefs below to find out more:


Providing a space where everyone feels they belong regardless of background, race, identity, gender, sexuality, age and more.


Helping create change by improving our knowledge of the world around us, making it a more equal place for everyone.


Improving awareness of the types of diversity already within organisations and beyond, putting D+I into practice.

Socially Conscious

Giving back to society by supporting charitable causes and creating change by supporting businesses do positive action.

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