Diverse Recruitment Workshop
"How to Recruit & Retain Diverse Talent"






Skill Level

60-90 min





Are you constantly getting the same candidates from the same backgrounds?

This session will enable you to address Diversity + Inclusion in your recruitment process to help you recruit and retain diverse talent. This will include looking at inclusive interview processes, adverts and candidate selection.

However, without inclusion at the heart of your business, you will be constantly going through the recruitment process. That’s why we will also advise you on implementing an inclusive onboarding process and creating an innovative and creative workplace.

Completing this course will help you:
Who is the course for?

This course was specifically designed for hiring managers and recruiters who are interested in diversifying their recruitment process, through means such as inclusive interviews and job descriptions, and understanding how to onboard more inclusively.

Learning Path

In the first lesson of this workshop, you will learn that admitting your bias is the first step of avoiding being biased in the workplace.

We will take a look into your immediate bias.

Next, we will explore why we need to see past our biases when recruiting.

In this lesson, we will encourage you to put your bias to the test.

Next, we will learn about the root of biases in childhood and how they impact us now.

In our sixth lesson, you will discover some facts about bias that will surprise you.

Bias is more than skin deep, and in this lesson, you will gain an insight into other biases.

To end the course, we will coordinate a fun quiz on what we’ve learned.

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