Job Advert Gender Decoder

Check your job adverts for gender bias with the gender bias decoder

Find out if a job ad uses masculine or feminine language

Are you wondering why you're struggling to attract a specific gender for certain roles? Using words like 'ninja' and 'ambitious'? This could be why. The use of masculine words like the ones above can put women off from applying for a job or make the job requirements more difficult for women to achieve. Doing your part to close the gender gap could be easier if your jobs ads attract more female candidates.

This decoder identifies both masculine and feminine words and enables you to create a more accessible advert for all genders! Try it out below with a job advert or other marketing materials to see if they are gender-coded.

Gender Decoder

Simply paste the job advert text in the box below to see if it uses more masculine or feminine words!

If you would like bespoke advice on creating job adverts that appeal to more applicants, click below and say hey! We'd be more than happy to help out.

Gender Decoder


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