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Diversity and inclusion is an ongoing mission, and working together is key

Collaboration and working together is essential if we want to make the world a better place. That's why Your D+I has picked up many friends on the way to where we are now! If you'd also like to work with us, click below and let us know:

Friends of Ours

Friends in business are just as important as the friends we have in life. Getting input from friends can bring something different and challenge the way we think as a group. That's why at Your D+I, we have partnered with a number of organisations that have helped us be agents of change and ensure we can create a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all. Check out the Friends of Ours below!


Educating the masses on how trans people are just ordinary people who want to be happy
"Katie Neeves is a woman on a mission - but not just any woman and not just any mission! She came out publicly as being transgender after living for 48 years as a man. Katie formed Cool2BTrans to support and inspire other trans people and also to educate the general public on trans issues. She helps organisations with diversity and inclusion by providing trans awareness training in an entertaining way by using her infectious sense of humour."
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Empowering neurodiversity in
the workplace
"Lexxic are leaders in empowering neurodiversity in the workplace. A specialist psychological consultancy, we believe all minds belong, so it is our mission to inspire a working world that supports and values the talents of neurodiverse minds, empowering individuals to be their best selves at work. Hence, we partner with organisations to create tailored, strategic change programmes and deliver psychological support services to neurodiverse talent."
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Providing literacy support and digital inclusion solutions
"Texthelp are leading inclusive software providers. We know the importance of recruiting & retaining a diverse and talented workforce & provide accessibility tools to support this. Browsealoud makes online information accessible, helping you attract a wider talent pool. Read&Write is a powerful productivity tool which helps your staff work more efficiently, particularly your neurodiverse team members."
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Empowering men to talk
"We help gay, bi & trans men build strong minds. Brother is a community project created by Rob Key (Studio Change), in order to bring positive change in the area of mental health/fitness for men. We create opportunities for men to come together, talk, listen and work on their mental fitness in a no-pressure environment. Sometimes you need to treat some old injuries, that’s fine, we can help, we’re a team. We believe that together, we are stronger."
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Edwards & Finn

The UK’s number one specialist in revenue management and wider commercial analytics recruitment
"We offer: Specialist Recruitment, Professional Development Workshops, Career Planning Workshops (Universities) and Consultancy Services. As a business, we are passionate about supporting young people, developing their skills and helping them find employment no matter who they are and what their background is. Taking our proven expertise in recruitment, we provide tailored workshops designed to develop self-confidence and more."
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Empowering students to pursue the future they want
"Inclusive Futures is a not-for-profit organisation empowering students from underrepresented groups and backgrounds, to pursue the future that is right for them. We achieve this through targeted coaching programmes, 1:2:1 and group coaching. We work with students, graduates and executives teams, both within the higher education sector and outside, to increase social mobility, challenge social injustice and drive cultural change."
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The Diversity
Standards Collective

Connecting you to diverse views and opinions to drive better representation into communications
"We provide a consultancy, creative and research facility that connects you with diverse people across the country to help you make more authentic, appropriate and effective content."
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The UK's leading job resource for undergraduates seeking placements
and internships
"We provide students with peer-to-peer feedback of placements, internships and insights to help them find the right scheme, and the best employer to work for. Job opportunities are also advertised on the site, alongside careers advice to guide them through the application process."
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Events Together

Pioneers in corporate event management with dedicated global support
"Events Together are a corporate event management consultancy with a strong focus on the organisation and management of conferences, trade shows international exhibitions. Events Together also produce events about Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and has successfully been running This Is Us Conference focusing on LGBTQ+, BAME & Women."
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Toni Kent Icon

Toni Kent

Professional speaker and stand up comedian
"Toni Kent is a professional speaker and stand up comedian who tackles the topic of social mobility head on by sharing her experiences of moving from a low socio-economic background to achieving corporate success before jacking it all in to become a writer and performer.
Toni is loved by audiences for her ability to address difficult topics in a safe, open and extremely funny way."
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She believes, so she leads
"At #YesSheCan we aim to inspire women to take the next step, put themselves forwards and have some underlying self-belief. Our mantra of “she believes, so she leads” is critical to breaking down the gender barriers and ensuring the opportunity landscape is an equal one regardless of gender. Believing is key to this."
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Career pathing platform dedicated to women and underrepresented groups nurtured by community
"At RaizUp, we advocate for a more diverse culture in hospitality and travel-tech organizations. Our mission is to enable professional growth for women and underrepresented groups via education, mentorship and career development. We believe that by inspiring communities to enter the industry and organizations to leverage and retain in the sector will create more diverse leadership."
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Code First Girls

Not-for-profit social enterprise increasing the proportion of
women in tech
"Code First Girls are dedicated to transforming tech by providing the skills, space and inspiration for women to become kick-ass developers and future leaders. Their active community of coders, trainers and coaches is one of the largest in the UK, facilitating women to increase their employability, break into and excel within the industry. "
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Social enterprise to advance Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace through conferences and events
"The CEO & Founder of Events Together and This Is Us Conference, Meena Chander, has also recently set-up a social enterprise called Diversity in Conferences and Events to help improve diversity and inclusion in the events industry, through a mentoring programme for underrepresented groups and by raising awareness of diversity and inclusion through the platform of conferences and events for other business sectors."
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Charities and Good Causes We Support

We partner with charities that seek to make a difference by furthering diversity and inclusion and helping to create equal opportunities.

Making the Leap Logo
Social Mobility Pledge Logo

Making The Leap is a London-based charity that increases social mobility by raising the aspirations of, and increasing opportunities for, young people. They work directly with young people from deprived backgrounds in London, raise awareness of the importance of social mobility among UK businesses and encourage them to take action to escalate it.

The Social Mobility Pledge encourages organisations to be a force for good by putting social mobility at the heart of their purpose. Companies and universities who make their Social Mobility Pledge are taking a shift towards being purpose-led organisations committed to social mobility. So far, 450 businesses globally, employing over 5 million people, as well as over 50 UK universities, representing almost 2 million students, are part of the pledge.

Disability Confident works with employers to ensure that disabled people and those with long term health conditions have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations. As a registered Disability Confident employer, Your D+I is committed to ensuring that accessibility for those with disabilities is a priority in our hiring process.

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