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Protected Characterists Workshop




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Have you ever wondered if you’ve taken banter too far at work or wanted to know how to say the right thing without offending anyone?

This banter workshop gives you a new persepctive of language in the workplace – from protected characteristics to empathetic listening. We will provide you with the tools and skills you need to understand banter in all its forms and guide you through the journey of tackling banter from the moment it goes too far to how to handle it.

It’s Just Banter is also available as an On Demand Workshop! This is an online version of the workshop that your teams can access wherever and whenever they need. To find out more, click here!

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This banter workshop is available for anyone at any level within a business, but HR and hiring managers will particularly benefit as it gives them an insight into quickly and effectively dealing with offensive banter.

In addition to gaining an understanding of the different types of banter and how to acknowledge when it has gone too far, participants will learn about the different protected characteristics, which will benefit all employees.

Learning Path

We start off the banter workshop by introducing Karen, a character who will be guiding us through her journey with workplace banter.

In this lesson, we will review the HR procedures for when situations escalate.

We will ask you to consider how you engage with banter in the workplace and how it makes you feel.

We will take a look at scenarios that have gone wrong for businesses when they don’t listen to their staff.

In our fifth lesson, we will delve into the various levels of discriminnation that can hurt your business and reputation if not dealt with.

In this lesson, we will explore what protected characteristics are and why we have them.

We will identify the different types of banter and the impact banter can have when it goes too far and becomes bullying.

Next, we will explore empathetic listening and why it is so important.

Finally, we will explore how Covid-19 has changed the working dynamic and how we communicate at work.

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