Diversity and Inclusion Calendar

2024 calendar is here!

Keeping up to date on diversity and inclusion can be a challenge, but it just got a whole lot easier

Diversity and inclusion is a commitment, and that means consistently working towards improving your own D+I. A great way to do this is keeping up to date on current D+I topics and areas of importance. That's why we've created a Diversity and Inclusion Calendar for 2023. Let's make it a better year!

2024 Calendar

This year, you can download the full, Diversity and Inclusion Calendar in PDF form! There may be changes throughout the year, so check back here!

Digital Calendar Integration
Coming Soon!

Download or subscribe to our digital Diversity and Inclusion Calendar to integrate the key D+I dates with your existing digital calendar

Our Diversity and Inclusion Calendar is now available in multiple formats to best suit you. As always, we will continue to provide a calendar download each month in 2023 through our monthly Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter.


However, we are now also offering a full, PDF download and a way to add these diversity and inclusion key dates to your own calendar! Scroll down to learn more about the different ways you can keep up to date on all things diversity and inclusion.

Full Calendar Download

Diversity and inclusion dates are a great opportunity to get your business engaged in D+I topics! Sometimes, this can require preparation, so we are now offering a full PDF of our Diversity and Inclusion Calendar, allowing you to see the entire year’s D+I dates right now!



This is a great choice if you want the ability to plan your celebrations and commitments for these events ahead of time! This version of the calendar comes with occasional tips on how your business could celebrate an event and is perfect for printing out and sharing with colleagues.



If you’d like to download the full calendar for 2024, simply fill in the form below!

2024 Calendar Is Here!

Fill in the form below to receive your download of the full D+I calendar for 2024 

Digital Calendar Integration

Committing to diversity and inclusion means keeping up to date and always learning. To make that easier, you can have all of the key diversity and inclusion dates right inside your digital calendar. Not only is this a great reminder to your commitments, but it also means everything is in one place.


Our digital D+I calendar can be integrated into major digital calendars like Google Calendar and Apple’s Calendar. This also means Your D+I can always keep you up to date with any date changes that may occur.


If you would like to subscribe and add the key D+I dates to your calendar, simply follow the relevant instructions below!

This option will allow you to subscribe and add the diversity and inclusion dates to your Google Calendar. To do this, click the following link and select ‘Add to Google Calendar’ in the bottom right:



Use the following link to add the dates of our D+I calendar into a different type of calendar, such as Outlook Calendar or Apple’s Calendar.


Within the calendar webpage or application of your choice, find the option to add a new calendar or calendar subscription. Once prompted to enter the web address of the calendar enter the following link:



Monthly Calendar Downloads

If digital calendars aren’t your thing or you’d like to see the diversity and inclusion dates separate to your meetings and appointments, we also have a downloadable calendar! In an easy-to-download PDF format, our calendar is sent via our monthly newsletter. Each month, you will receive our newest calendar with all the biggest diversity and inclusion events to be aware of.


Our monthly PDFs means we can ensure our calendars are up-to-date with current topics and events. We all know that D+I is an area of constant change, so we want to give you the latest and greatest in our calendar. This version of the calendar also includes occasional tips for making the most of these dates, not to mention all of the resources and news you will get in the email itself!


If you’d like to receive our monthly D+I calendar downloads, simply fill out the form below.

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For even more free resources on diversity and inclusion topics, including useful tools and fun videos, check out our D+I Resource Hub now!

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