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Welcome to It’s Just Banter
Welcome! Let's begin by setting our objective to achieve during this course.
Meet Karen
Using a workplace scenario, we'll help you understand what we mean by workplace banter.
Human Resources
Next we'll cover the HR procedures for when situations escalate.
Your Experiences with Banter
Next we'll ask you to consider how you engage with banter in the workplace and how it makes you feel.
What Not to Say
After reflecting on our own experiences with banter, we'll delve into what not to say.
Protected Characteristics
In this lesson, we will explore what protected characteristics are and why we have them.
When Banter Goes Too Far
Learn about what happens when banter goes too far.
Stopping Banter Gone Too Far
This topic will teach you about some techniques for resolving and preventing workplace conflict.
Quiz Time
Test your knowledge on workplace banter with the It's Just Banter Quiz!
Course Completion
You've completed the It's Just Banter Online Workshop!
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